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Waste management

The current design is to use the Wartsila waste management system onboard the ship as our teams concluded that it is the most recommendable. The treatment will be done for both grey and black water in this system. But frankly this is another area where the team is currently open to welcoming any new technological ideas in the market and incorporate the same during the next set of design work.

How is this ship different from the Satoshi or otherwise known as the bitcoin ship?

The Satoshi was a project that envisaged a ship that was moored to a single place but this would have easily run into several issues as there are going to be questions raised about Exclusive economic Zones of countries. Our project in contrast is a running ship and hence there is very little chance of it coming into conflicts with the jurisdiction of other countries. We are currently not looking to create a separate country here but only a floating community that evolves as time progresses. This will be more of an inclusive project as against a packaged one.

The ship has a runway but is it safe to let any commercial pilot use the same to land on it?

The ship does have a useable runway but its never a prudent idea to let anyone use it as there’s always an accident hazard to it. The airport will be used to facilitate the quick logistics of both individuals and perishable commodities to be used by the ships kitchen. The logistics details will be planned by the logistics team in advance and the passengers who have to get on board the ship will have to arrive at the designated logistics hub and then they will be transported from there safely to the ship by the logistics team. The same will be true for the outbound passengers from the ship as well. Though initially we had planned for conventional aircrafts to be landing on the runway we are currently working towards making it safer by getting automated capsules designed to cater to this requirement and we are trying to discuss with the reliable giants with a reputation to build such crafts like the Rolls Royce. But it will take a lot of time and efforts and we cannot ask them to start designing without proving a concrete support base for this project as also its viability.

Where exactly will this go? The Seawise Giant wasn't able to use canals or the English Channel, how will this be any different?

The seawise giant though is the current record holder for the longest ship ever built its not the same as the ship we are proposing to built. The Seawise giant was a super tanker with an Type A freeboard (most of the ship was underwater) hence it had a very deep draught (depth below the waterline) of 24.6 meters / 81 feet. Hence this ship was considered too deep to transit the English Channel, but in contrast our proposed ship is a Type B freeboard and will only have a draught of about 14 Meters / 46 feet and hence is not expected to be deeper than those big container ships operating currently. Though this ship is not expected to take the Suez canal or the Panama canal due to its length there are not many oceans which is off limits to this ship. This ship is being built with the intention of enabling it to take on the most mightiest of the ocean waves so the residents can rest assured that that it is quite a safe place.

Where is it going to be built?

We have looked at a few places in the world and then narrowed it down to just three places where the waters are considered to be more calm and the risk of accidents are kept to the minimum. Also there is the question of proximity to logistics hubs when deciding a final place of building. We will consider everything before we conclude on the final place of building and we also plan to discuss everything in detail before we finally committing to it. This is an area where its still work in progress as most of the places has got its own advantages and disadvantages. For example the Arabian sea which is one of the areas we have shortlisted is considered quite placid for 9 months of the year but it’s a place you don’t want to be in for 3 months of the year namely June, July and August. As mentioned we are more than willing to listen to everyone out there before arriving at the final place. So do we use the safe harboured waters or do we take advantage of the Equatorial doldrums will be finally decided after taking everyone’s opinions into consideration.

The first and important question that came to us was how is it being built as there is no dock or slipway in the world that can built such a ship?

It is true that there is no shipyard in the world has got a dry dock which is capable of building this ship also considering the length of this ship using a slipway was not considered the best of ideas hence our designers had hit upon an idea of using multiple floating docks which are specially built to cater to this requirement and then join the hull sections together. So in short the floating docks would be the fist things being built rather than the ship itself. It is not actually possible to accurately mention how we plan to achieve this as it is a very complex procedure but it would suffice to mention that it took us about 5 years of planning to finally arrive at the correct procedures. We are also not planning to rest on our laurels here as we are trying to correct ourselves where ever we can in consultation with other experts on the subject. In short we will be actually taking modular construction to the next level when we start building this ship.

Why we need Floating Cities for Emerging Market ?

Civilizations are known to have developed around water bodies across the world as it was necessary to meet various everyday requirements such as drinking water, irrigation, and fishing etc. Even in modern times, cities and population centers have been emerged near water bodies with commerce and sustainability become the main advantages.  However, there are communities that live on the water rather than next to it. Known as floating villages or boat communities, these settlements on the surface of inland water bodies were developed due to various reasons such as ethnic and occupational in different parts of the world.

We are here to creating a Unique Space to Live Work & Retire in floating Smart city on a advanced Luxury Adding Block Chain Technology.

What is this £10 Million GBP going to be used for?
Fund Raising -1st Phase start

The current design team is working on this out of passion and hence they haven’t charged a penny for this in all these years. Though they are working for it free of cost the design so far has come out as excellent and they have left no stone unturned to try and give everyone a safe ship. We do not want to take away anything from the current team who has put their hearts and souls into this project spending several sleepless nights to get this design right but we also understand that its also time to move on and bring in a lot more experts to refine the design to make it even more safer and greener. This is a task that cannot be accomplished with just volunteers and will require a team working as professionals. For this second phase of the activity we require a lot of funds to set things up, we are also expecting this to be a long drawn activity and the funds should be able to last till it is completed. We will also have to get an independent certifying agency to point out the flaws that we might have overlooked and also suggest remedies to the same.


If you ask us why we are planning to rework on the ship in such great detail then we will state that this ship is where we too want to live and we will look to make it as impeccable as possible. A good example would be that this ship is currently not designed to run on a main engine but on electricity generated by several generators onboard the ship. But in the redrawing of the ship we are currently looking at the option of just using the onboard generators as a backup option and to power it primarily by a trailing power ship which can generate power by either combo with Electric hydrogen  or any other power generation methods that is the best according to the time in consideration  so as to reduce our carbon footprint. This method will also help us to quickly decouple from the power generation ship in case of any mishaps onboard that power ship and then power our ship with the onboard generators at that time. But this is easier said than done as this method has never been tried on a moving platform and will require a careful planning prior to execution. This is just one example and we have planned several like this where only experts from that field can help.

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